Bacardi 151 Rum

How Much is Bacardi 151 Rum?

Bacardi 151 Rum is a highly sought-after spirit for those who crave a powerful alcohol content and a bold flavor profile. Its popularity can be attributed to its high alcohol by volume (ABV) percentage of 75.5%, which makes it a great option for cocktail enthusiasts who enjoy experimenting with unique and potent drinks.

If you’re curious about the price of Bacardi 151 Rum, you’ve come to the right place.

What is the Price?

The price of Bacardi 151 Rum varies depending on the location and where you purchase it. Generally, it is priced between $25 to $30 per 750ml bottle. However, some liquor stores may charge a higher price, depending on the demand in their area. It’s essential to shop around to find the best deal, especially if you’re buying in bulk.

If you prefer to purchase liquor online, several websites offer Bacardi 151 Rum. Online prices are generally consistent, ranging from $25 to $30 per bottle. However, purchasing online does come with additional shipping and handling fees, which can bump up the total cost.

If you’re looking to save some money, you may consider purchasing a larger size bottle, such as a 1-liter bottle. These larger bottles are typically more economical, costing around $40 to $45, which is less expensive than purchasing two 750ml bottles.

It’s crucial to note that, despite its bold flavor and high alcohol percentage, Bacardi 151 Rum is not intended for drinking straight. This potent spirit is meant to be used as an ingredient in cocktails, so it’s best to exercise caution when enjoying this spirit.


Bacardi 151 Rum is an excellent addition to any home bar for those who enjoy experimenting with new cocktails. While its price may vary depending on your geographical location and purchase location, it generally ranges from $25 to $30 per 750ml bottle.

It’s easy to save some money by purchasing a larger size bottle, such as a 1-liter bottle, which is more economical in the long run. Just remember to always enjoy this potent spirit responsibly.

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